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Distribution of the products: the most important thing for the planning of an e-commerce website is the distribution of the products –it has to be clear enough so that the users can understand it. Hence it is not advisable using neither technical nomenclature nor specific terminology. Distribution should make things easier for the user, and not the other way around. For instance, if the public calls a product by a wrong name, that is how it should appear in your website, as it is the only way they will find it. Remember: this is intended to be a sales channel rather than an exhibition of correctness.

Photographs of the products: whether you use illustrations or photographs of each product is irrelevant; what is truly important is that the pictures are the same where size, (good) quality, and illumination are concerned. Also important is that the products are alone in the pictures. Except for the cost, it makes no difference whether you decide to photograph every product or just one of a kind.

Details about the products: a product should always include its own ID code so that it is easier to have it sold. Each product’s description should be neither too short nor too long, as it has to be clear enough, but yet not tiring. Prices are not included in this section.

Prices of the products: these go below the products’ descriptions, but separately –so as to separate one thing from the other in order to make it easier to modify the prices if necessary.

Quantity: on one side of the price there will be a blank for the users to write (either by using the keyboard or by means of a “drop-down” menu) how many units of the stated product they want. It is up to you whether you decide to add another blank to indicate the total cost of the purchase or not.

“Supermarket cart”: this is where all the things the user has selected accumulate. Here the product, the number of units and the price are all included. One product goes in line below the other and so on, and at the end there is the sum total of all the products. The user can choose the option “purchase”, or “cancel”, or he can even leave some product before making his purchase. Only when the user decides is a purchase actually made –to select one product is not the same as to buy it in actual fact. So as you can see, and as its name suggests, this section is like a cart for carrying goods in a supermarket.

Users: there are some companies which give a “user name”, together with the corresponding password, to their faithful clients. Thus, only these specific clients can make purchases directly from these companies’ websites, which is effective in terms of security but not too much profitable. So it is up to you which one is a top priority.

The data form: this is what appears when a user clicks on the option “purchase”. The information you should asked for is that of the user’s credit card and some personal details, although the latter is left at your discretion. We advise you to ask for as few personal details as possible, since many people is suspicious of the Internet, and others simply get tired of filling out a form that is too large.

Security: you must hire a company that checks your website’s security conditions –not only for the user’s sake, but also for your own sake. Fraudulent sales harm everybody.

Searcher: what a searcher does is to search into your website for a certain product. All the user has to do is enter the name of that product. So it is very useful and convenient. The only problem is that, if it does not work properly, people will probably go and look for another website than yours. Hence many prospective sales will be lost. Therefore, the searcher must always find the product the user is wanting, no matter by which name this user call that product.

Comparing products: this is optional. On one side of the pictures, you can add a little box for it to be ticked, and also a button “compare” someplace else in the website. Once three or four products have been ticked, the user has to click on the button “compare” and a list will appear with all the products that have been selected so far. This is of much help to users who are looking for the best option.

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