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In this section we will show you some very common mistakes that obstruct the relation between you and the designer you hire. Do not forget that the work of the designer is highly influenced by the kind of relationship between the two of you, i.e. if you get along well with him and both work together as a team, then the final result will probably be a success.

The client does not listen to the designer: sometimes the client wants the designer to do everything as he says. This will only cause a lot of trouble. Design is based on creativity, versatility, and a good knowledge of several different elements, so it is beyond one person’s tastes. When the client is stubborn and refuses to listen to what the designer suggests, consequences are often disastrous. This does not mean that the client has to remain passive. On the contrary, he should take active part in the process of designing, but as a member of a team who just wants things to work out. To this end, modesty, patience and good willing are fundamental.

Constant changes: the process of designing a website begins when the client gives the designer the first instructions. It is only when the samples have been approved that design in itself starts. Once finished, the final design is shown to the client for him to analyze it. He can approve it as a whole (this rarely happens) or ask for some modifications. Once these changes have been made to it, a new design is shown to the client. Again, he can approve this modified version or ask for new modifications, and so forth until he is satisfied with the result –the number of checking rounds is limitless and can be arranged in advance–. After all this, the only thing left is to launch the website on the Internet. But when this is already on the Web, the client will notice little details that he had not previously noticed, so he will probably ask for more modifications, which should also be arranged in advance. It is important that the number of checking rounds is prearranged because, otherwise, the client will never stop –he will ask for more and more changes, and he will do it constantly. Another option is that designers charge a fixed price for each modification, or even that they work by the hour.

A designer who works only if he is told what to do: this is a great problem. The designer should be free and secure enough so he can create –after all, that is what he is paid for. So he should not be afraid of what the client might think: his task is being creative. In any case, he can adjust himself later to the client’s taste.

A client who cannot make himself clear: this is really common. It is unusual that clients know exactly what they want and can express it clearly. Generally, they have a very vague idea of what they want, if any idea at all. It can also happen that a client knows what he wants, but he cannot make himself clear. In such situations, a mutual effort is required: the client must try to think some good ideas and express them in a clear way, and the designer must be patient and help the client express his thoughts. A good way to start is watching those Web pages which the client likes so that the designer has some reference.

All of these are common problems, but there are more, as in each particular relation new difficulties might arise that will have to be solved. What is most important, however, is that you and the designer are a team and help each other instead of struggling with each other. The only road to success here is team work. This is what makes this work so special, even when it can be rather annoying occasionally. Sometimes people complain because they are not used to working together with another person. Nevertheless, it would not do them any harm to have a try!

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