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In this section we will concentrate on the different functions of a website, i.e. what role it plays in the growth of a company. There are three fundamental items that we will be treating here: advertising, promotion, and an opening of the sales channels.

Advertising: advertising on the Internet is changing –there are more and more Web ads emulating traditional advertising. Nevertheless, the particular way in which things are advertised on the Internet remains hegemonic. Traditional advertising puts emphasis upon the advertisement itself, and not so much upon the product. There are two kinds of traditional advertising: that which exaggerates the qualities of a product, and that which rocks by means of a striking plot. The former is typical of cleaning products commercials, which show these products into action in a way that is beyond belief. However, it is not the product but the way in which this product is made to be seen what matters, as the main intention is to impact and tempt the spectator to buy the thing being advertised (whether he believes that it is good or not). The latter, on the other hand, is typical of commercials telling a story whose plot is closely connected with those basic values that are deep-rooted in the target public. So again the product is in the background. When the commercial ends there is a close-up of the thing that is being advertised. The goal, then, is clear: to convey the thrill the spectator has felt while watching the commercial to the product in question.

To sum up, traditional advertising does not focus on the thing advertised, but on the advertisement itself. Web advertising, however, is quite the opposite, i.e. it focuses on the thing advertised, namely the website.

Web ads are linkers or banners that take those who click on them to the website of a certain company. These linkers are to be found in websites whose themes are similar to that of the Web page being advertised. But these linkers are not attractive at all –generally just a few words without any design. How come this be this way? Because the only thing that matters is that the user reaches the website in question, since, from then on, it is the website that should attract clients, make the user feel like going over it, and generate a real interest in the company.

Promotion: to promote a product is to make it look more desirable so that consumers want it. What promotion does is get the public used to using a particular product, make them feel that they “need” that product. The Internet seems to be perfect for this sales strategy.

Let’s see three examples for you to know how to promote your website successfully:

Labeling: the promoted products should have a label on which it is written your e-mail address, the conditions for taking part in the promotion, and an alphanumeric code. Then, when a user visits your website, he has to go to the section set apart to the promotion and enter the code printed on the label of the product. Having done this, this user will get some tickets to the movies, or to the theater, etc. This kind of campaign will attract both people who did not know your company and regular clients who did not know that you already had a Web page.

Discount coupons: you can also use your website for offering discount coupons off the promoted products. These coupons should be printed and sent to the stores which have a part in the promotion. Not only will this kind of promotion ensure large sales, but it will also attract a large number of new visitors to your website. What is more, for further benefit, you can even add some conditions for obtaining the coupons: that those interested should enter his e-mail address and accept receiving the company’s new arrivals weekly or monthly. Thus, you will get many new clients, and your promotion will be a great success.

Special offers: these special offers of the products being promoted will be exclusively launched in your website. So, if this is well positioned, many people will learn about the offers. However, each person in particular will think he or she is the only one who happens to know about them. As a result, everybody will be like: “how lucky I am, I should take advantage of this.”

An opening of the sales channels: with your new website you will be able to do what you never could before –selling your products regardless of geography and time of the day. An e-commerce website is that which sells things without any kind of human participation. Although it is a little more expensive than traditional ones, it is certainly worth it. An opening to the global market might be the greatest step your company ever takes, and it could modify its history forever.

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