American Web design company.

American Web design company

Welcome to our website! American Web design company! Our goal is to inform the user about the most relevant questions of Web design in connection with its advertising and commercial use. That is to say, we will provide businesspersons and entrepreneurs with the basic notions of website design so that they are acquainted with it and therefore they can make clever decisions. It really does not matter if you know nothing about Web design, the Internet, etc: we will focus on basic aspects, trying to be as pedagogic as possible. What we want is that, after reading our website, you are in a position to talk to a Web designer and make him understand what kind of Web page you wish, in addition to grasping what he himself tells you. So this website will not make you an expert, but you will find it very useful in practice. However, we will not limit ourselves to making a practical guide to Web design that omits explanation and theory; instead, we will present you with different options and give you advice on certain things, but always explaining the reasons and consequences of what we say.

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This website consists of different sections, each of which deals with one basic aspect of Web design that is fully expounded. In What is Web design? we explain what this activity is about, and its general characteristics. In What is Web design for? we inspect the many advertising and commercial benefits a website brings about. In Parts of a website we focus on each essential part a Web page is made up of. In Parts of an e-commerce website we advise you on what elements such a Web page should contain. Lastly, in You and the designer we propose that you think about how, in working terms, you would like to get along with this professional.

We thank you for choosing us and let us help you with your new venture; we very much hope you will find the information here useful and clarifying. Now, we invite you to go over this integral website about Web design, which is intended for you. American Web design company.

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